I wrote a manifesto about work yesterday. This was first published on my Instagram Stories:

Get out of the mob, stop drinking the kool-aid, carve your own, ridiculously diverse creative path. Take pride on your brain, it’s the best thing you’ve got going. Listen to only a few. Choose smaller communities. Be in a position to help, often. Study the greats, they were loners at one point too. Go for skills that count. Care about kids, and the elders for they have unique perspectives. Have fun. Don’t get caught up with the nonsense. Be useful, and respect hustle. Support fellow makers, bootstrappers, learners, anyone who’s willing to be in a vulnerable position of learning something completely brand new in spite of having “years of experience.”

Mindset is everything in a world where it’s shockingly easy to be reminded constantly of how small, insignificant and feeble you are compared to your peers (and robots). I would personally, would infinitely rather be on the side of the persevering. Even if, in the end, I fail, I certainly can say I tried. That is more than what I can say for those that didn’t.

On the intersection of life and work. No in-betweens. http://nikkiespartinez.com/projects

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