State of the EV: An Early Case Study

State of the EV

Practicality, at the heart and center of it all.

What would users care most about with a dashboard like this one? Specifically for Electric Vehicles, price would be a top priority. Most people would be interested in seeing, comparing and analyzing EVs with a budget in mind. It is no surprise that articles like this are gaining a lot of attention even with casual readers.

Early wireframes and sketches

Product thinking, a marriage of design and data.

The design process was quite simple: what is the problem I am trying to solve… and can I support this with actual data? The end product was clear from the very beginning. I needed a way to tell a story about Electric Vehicles in a way that matters to an imagined end user.

Deploying modern tools, equal parts tactical, equal parts strategic.

I am not a software engineer, this was my first real Python project. Obviously, on top of a short bootcamp training, I had to resort to a lot of hacks… and mistakes. In an effort to maximize my full capacity as both a designer and supremely amateur coder, I used every _free_ resource imaginable: Youtube, Jupyter Notebook, Kaggle, Figma, Freecodecamp, geeksforgeeks and Streamlit. For a fun little experiment, this was extremely satisfying (and frustrating).

Full page view of the landing page
One of the data visualizations for Drive/Power

Extended Credits

Aside from the tools mentioned above, I would love to thank the following for all the help. A big THANK YOU!

More about the author

Nikki is a Sr. UX Designer working for a data company in New Jersey. In the last 2 years, she has helped design & build a holographic platform, contracted for a research team inside Fidelity Investments, worked in the Design Operations side of an e-commerce company, mentored brilliant design students/career-changers, advocated for UX best practices at RookieUp, have co-taught UX courses at General Assembly and have also contributed directly to the growth of the Mentorship program on UXPA-New York. Designing for a better world is her life. She also runs her own newsletter, working title, about her thoughts on the future and more.



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