The Things I Wished I Was Taught Early On

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1. Be Endlessly Curious

Follow local tech startups, read books, listen to podcasts. Feed your intellectual curiosity.

Stack of books

2. Chase Real World Experiences

Find areas where you can help, virtually reach out to the local professionals, seek internships or apprenticeships whenever possible.

3. Start Building Your Portfolios

Learn by doing: experiment, fail and use the internet for resources. Got a website idea? Sketch it. Write it out. Build it with no-code, if you are not a coder.

4. Put Yourself Out There

Use LinkedIn for networking, Squarespace, Wix or Webflow to launch your websites, Medium, Wordpress for your blog. Whatever that is, start creating them now.

5. Be Tirelessly Sensitive to Problems

Find opportunities to SOLVE them using design thinking and the technologies you have at your disposal. If you can’t do it alone, work with people who are solving those problems.

6. Always Design with Humans in Mind

The world needs more mission-driven designers.




On the intersection of life and work. No in-betweens.

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nikki espartinez

nikki espartinez

On the intersection of life and work. No in-betweens.

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