What No-One Will Tell You About Career Building (Abroad And Anywhere)

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01 / 07: Learn by Doing

02 / 07: When it comes to building your network, forget who you know. Find who you’d like to become instead.

03 / 07: Work and share your ideas publicly by leveraging the internet wisely.

04 / 07: Just do the work. Get better, and document it. Your portfolio is your biggest and most valuable investment*.

05 / 07: Treat your career as an endless experiment. Never stop being playful and creative. It’s the future of work, yes including those that OFWs can thrive on.

What was common then
How we’ve always done things
It doesn’t have to be like this gif
Then vs Now
Where it’s going
Present and future

06 / 07: If you want to become a higher quality professional, act as if you already are now, people will hire you for your brain and your potential.

07 / 07: The best careers are online, and are constantly transforming. They’re borderless.

Ending Note:

More quotes from the talk:

Because more people today — not only designers — now need to be fluent in communicating around design. How one builds something is no longer enough; you have to design it well, too. And it cannot be an afterthought. — Peter Levine of A16Z from the essay “The Decade of Design

A lot of what we do now are bets for what we will become in the future. — Myself to the kids on decision making and the future

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Speaker’s profile

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